MARCH 2013

Lon Johnson is our new MDP Chair.

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Local Offices & Candidates
Michael P. O'Hare
District 1 County Commissioner
Reelected in 2008. O'Hare is our current Chair of the Saginaw County Commissioners Board. - A retired GM worker and U.S. Army veteran, he has also served as Chesaning Township Supervisor.

Cheryl M. Hadsall
District 3 County Commissioner
The Board Chairperson for 2006-2008, Cheryl Hadsall was first appointed to the Board in February 2002 and has served there since.

Pat Campbell
District 5 County Commissioner
A thirty year employee at Saginaw Steering Gear/ Delphi, Pat Campbell has served on the Board of Directors of Health Plus of Michigan.

Eddie F. Foxx
District 6 County Commissioner
Reelected in 2010 - Employed as an engineer at Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems, Foxx is a former County Commissioner and longtime community activist.

Robert M. (Moe) Woods, Jr.
District 7 County Commissioner
Reelected in 2008 - "Moe" Woods has been elected to the County Board of Commissioners for ten two year terms, and has represented District 7 continuously since 1993. He is a barber shop owner.

Carl E. Ruth
District 8 County Commissioner
Reelected in 2008 - A Delta College Academic Advisor, Carl Ruth is a graduate of Western Michigan University (B.S. in Political Science) and Central Michigan University (Masters in Education Adm.).

Michael J. Hanley
District 9 County Commissioner
First elected County Commissioner in 2008 and Reelected in 2010. He is a former Saginaw City councilman, state House Democratic Leader and current President of UAW Local 699.

Bregitte Braddock
District 10 County Commissioner
Elected as the County Board Chairperson for 2009. On the board since 1995, Bregitte Braddock is a Production Control and Logistics Manager at Delphi Steering Systems.

Timothy M. Novak
District 15 County Commissioner
The newly elected Vice Chairman of the Board, he was first elected in 2002. He also won elections in 2004, 2006, and 2008.

Janet Boes
Circuit Court Judge
In 2008, Governor Jennifer Granholm appointed Janet as judge for the State of Michigan Tenth Judicial Circuit – Saginaw County. Judge Boes will be on the ballot for the first time in 2010.

Candidate Details
Timothy M. Novak
District 15 County Commissioner

He earned a B.A. in Political Science from Michigan State University and teacher certification from Saginaw Valley State University. He is now a Social Studies teacher at Nouvel Catholic Central High School. Tim and his wife Kristin have a son, Max, who turned three years old last November.

He currently serves on the Executive Committee and is the Chairman of Courts and Public Safety.

He has served on the following Committees and Boards:

*Vice Chair, Courts and Public Safety Committee.
*Vice Chair, Budget/ Audit Committee.
*Crime Prevention Council.
*911 Communications Center Board of Directors.
*Animal Control Advisory Board.
*Michigan Works Consortium Board.

From campaign flyer

"I know first hand the challenges and struggles families in our community face. Some have even had to make the tough choice to relocate elsewhere, away from family and friends. I also had to consider that as an option as I struggled to find gainful employment. Fortunately, I was successful in finding a teaching job, be able to afford our first home and support our family."

"One of my goals as Commissioner is to continue to create an environment to retain and attract families and jobs for our community." "Thanks for everyone's support. I am always open to hearing from people, so don't hesitate to contact me."

Opposing Candidate Information
Tim will face a General Election challenge from Republican Thomas Roy.

The district includes Carrollton Township, Zilwaukee Township, the city of Zilwaukee and part of northeastern Saginaw Township.

Tim's Priorities include:

*Public safety- Are we efficiently using the public tax dollars we have now for public safety? Are we continuing to look for innovative ways to get the most bang for our buck for the taxpayers of Saginaw County?

*Law Enforcement (Shared Resources Collaborative)- Share law enforcement resources in such a way that we can offer our community the safety and quality of life that our citizens expect and deserve.

*Health- The County has an obligation to make sure all our citizens have options help them feel better. These include an expansive Health Department that helps larger numbers of residents, and can continue to help more.

*Support Parks and the Rail Trial, where our residents can enjoy our County, meet new friends, have a place to get some exercise.

*Economic Development- Do all we can to attract new and successful business and also retain business that currently provides us with jobs and services. Create new jobs and new investment (i.e. Saginaw County helped secure grants for Stock Building Supply in Zilwaukee which plans on investing $2.5 million and to create 26 new jobs.

*Fairly balancing the County budget during challenging economic times.

*Addressing school truancy- Why are some students not in school? What can be done to help get them into school every day.

*Assuring the health and safety of all our citizens.

*Making Saginaw County an even better place to live, work, learn, and enjoy life.

*Most important- Being available and responsive to constituents in such a way that they feel their needs are being met.