MARCH 2013

Lon Johnson is our new MDP Chair.

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Notice: The SADC is a QSLPO (Qualified State Local Political Organization). Our club by law cannot contribute money to federal candidates for office, and we do not take a position on federal issues. We do post information on our pages about federal matters of general interest such as the presidential campaign.
Amy Seaver Best Choice in Saginaw Township
By Dan Taylor
This letter to the Saginaw News supports the reelection bid of SADC board member Amy Seaver, who is competing against four Republicans to return to the Saginaw Township Board of Trustees.
Sarah Palin Wrong for Women, Wrong for America
By Janice Wolff
One woman's evaluation of McCain's VP pick- why her extremism as well as her inexperience make this choice a dangerous one for our country and the world.
Garnet Lewis Campaign Energizing and Exciting
By Janice Wolff
This letter to the Saginaw News shares the author's personal experiences on the campaign trail with Garnet Lewis.
Garnet Lewis is Best Choice in 98th
By Kitty Packard
This letter was sent to the editor of the Midland Daily News in support of 98th State House candidate and former SADC President Garnet Lewis.
Obama-Biden Truly Put "Country First"
By Andrew Tierman
A letter to the editor of the Saginaw News, in its original form, which strongly endorses the election of Obama-Biden and the welcome and needed Change their administration promises to deliver.
Vote to Keep Brown and Thomas
By Mary Harmon
Letter to the Editor from Sunday, August 3rd's The Saginaw News from SADC President Mary Harmon. There is public notice of the Club endorsement of Sheriff Charles Brown and Prosecutor Michael Thomas, stressing their experience and commitment to the community.
An Interview with Greg Dietrich
By Janice Wolff

Greg Dietrich is running for Buena Vista Trustee. Currently, he is working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at Saginaw Valley State University. What follows are questions and answers about his political background and aspirations. His future looks bright to those of us watching his trajectory.

On the Decision of the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee
By Bob Ciaffone
A positive evaluation on the compromise decision reached by the DNC-RBC on the apportionment of Michigan delegates to the Denver Democratic National Convention. Bob Ciaffone has been elected an "uncommitted" (Obama) delegate and will attend the convention in August.
An Interview with Ellen Rodman
By Janice Wolff
Ellen Rodman has worked the past two years on the staff of State Representative Andy Meisner (Democrat- Ferndale). She recently accepted a job with U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow. She is a longtime SADC member. She was interview by the Club's Janice Wolff.
A Letter from Andy Concannon- Candidate for Congress, 4th District of Michigan
By Andy Concannon
Andy is challenging incumbent Republican Dave Camp in this sprawling district that ranges from Greenville, near Grand Rapids; northeast through suburban Saginaw and Midland; northwest to the Traverse City area.
“Right to Work For Less in Michigan”
By Kitty Packard
Long time Democratic party secretary and activist Kitty Packard unmasks the "Right to Work" movement, revealing it to be a blatant attack upon the hard won rights of organized Labor.
Saginaw Area Democratic Club Plans Move to New Office, Open House, Fundraisers
By Mary Harmon
This article was submiited by our new Club president in February 2008 to the Democratic Voice, the newsletter of the Saginaw County Democratic Party.
The Saginaw Area Democratic Club: Learning from 2006, Building for 2008
By Dan Taylor
This article was written for publication in the Saginaw County Democratic Party newsletter The Democratic Voice, edited by Len Ballosh. It reviews the actions of the SADC from its beginnings to the present day.
Charter Madness?
By Dan Taylor
This letter, published in The Saginaw News for August 5th, warns Saginaw residents of the irresponsibility, recklessness, and possible insanity of the Saginaw charter proposal.
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
By Bob Ciaffone
This insightful letter to the editor by site administrator Bob Ciaffone was published in Sunday, August 5th's The Saginaw News. It points out the counter-productive elements of the Saginaw City Charter Proposal that will be decided on by voters on August 7.
Andy's Column
By Andy Coulouris
Andy Coulouris is the new State Representative for the 95th district, due to his overwhelming victory at the polls in 2006. He is the sole Democrat from our Saginaw County area in Lansing. Here is Andy's first column for our website. In it, he talks about Michigan Democratic Party current legislative objectives.
Children as Props
By Stewart French
Republican State Senate Candidate Roger Kahn has made a lot of accusations about Democrat Carl Williams, but this letter indicates that when the votes were counted for legislation to protect Michigan's children, Kahn was no where to be found. Where was Roger?
Mike Huckleberry for 4th House
By Dan Taylor
The following is the unedited (uncensored?) version of a letter printed in the Saginaw News in support of Democrat Mike Huckleberry.
Don't Vote DeVos!
By Janice M. Wolff
Dick DeVos's real agenda is exposed here in a recent letter to the editor.
Is Dick DeVos a Monday Morning Quarterback or Just a Third-String Yankee?
By Linda Schmidt
This recent letter questions Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos's qualifications to criticize the efforts of Governor Jennifer Granholm.
The Life of a City
By Dan Taylor
One SADC member's reflections on the current state of affairs in Saginaw- and on the possibilities for its future.
Where is Republican Shame?
By Dan Taylor
This letter was submitted to The Saginaw News but has yet to be accepted. It is argued that any candidate should be embarrassed to run on the Republican ticket in 2006.
Letter on Emergency Contraception
By Janice M. Wolff
SADC member Janice Wolff submitted this letter to The Saginaw News regarding the confusion around the issue of EC (Emergency Contraception) or the "morning after pill".
Letter on Governor Granholm's Jobs Plan
By Jerry Ulrey
SADC's Jerry Ulrey clarifies the glaring differences between the Governor and her opponent in a letter to The Saginaw News.
Why is this Election Important?
By Dan Taylor
Not yet interested in the Election of 2006? Here is a list of reasons to care- and get to work!
Rocket Science 101 (the Small Business Tax)
By Garnet Lewis
SADC President Garnet Lewis explains the folly of drying up an important state revenue source without providing for any way to replace it.
SADC letter about Roger Kahn's position on education
By Garnet Lewis
Roger Kahn is the Republican candidate for State Senator in District 32. His commitment to education leaves something to be desired.
The Debate Over Torture
By Bob Ciaffone
Interrogation techniques used by our government are considered extremely harsh by all and called torture by some. For the author, America has lost its way by taking the moral low road.
Saginaw Area Democratic Club Activism Put Into Motion.
By Dan Taylor
This article talks about the founding of the SADC and the organization's character.
It was originally printed in The Democratic Voice, the newsletter of the Saginaw County Democratic Party.
Unity Charter for Jobs, Equality, and Justice
By Mark Kraych
This is a document of progressive goals and priorities for the Saginaw Area and beyond. Several groups have already indicated support for its far reaching vision of a better tomorrow.
Building a Better Democracy
By Dan Taylor
Originally printed in The Democratic Voice, newsletter of the Saginaw County Democratic Party. The article stresses the importance of Democratic growth and unity in the months leading to the 2006 Election.
Defining "Precinct Delegate"
By SADC Membership
At the April 17 meeting of the Saginaw Area Democratic Club, those in attendance were asked for input on how we can make the Democratic Precinct Delegate more effective.
Canadian Trash Workshop
By Bob Ciaffone
Canadian trash coming into Michigan landfills is a hot political topic. Our correspondent went to a non-partisan workshop on this subject at MSU in March. Here is his no-spin report.
Gore Finds Passion and Purpose in Speaking "An Inconvenient Truth"
By Dan Taylor
"An Inconvenient Truth", the critically-acclaimed documentary on Global Warming, opened in Saginaw on Friday, June 23rd. The following is a brief review of the film.
Labor Day Thoughts
By Various Writers
Dan Taylor has assembled a collection of thoughts that people, famous and not so famous, have expressed about labor. The bond between the labor movement and our Democratic Party is strong and unbreakable. In the world of globalization and outsourcing, we need each other more than ever.
Soldiers Of Democracy
By James A. Magyar
This essay on our obligation to stand up and fight for our American beliefs is something for us to think about over Memorial Day, and apply throughout the year.
One Small Step in Earth's Service
By Dan Taylor
A reflection on environmental awareness inspired by the Club's Earth Day Cleanup, dedicated to the 19 SADC members, friends, and family who participated. Together, we WILL make a difference!
America Is Being Redefined
By Jim Magyar
Is the Bush-Cheney White House concentrating excessive power into the executive branch of government? If so, where is the country headed?
Separation of Church and State
By Bob Ciaffone
We Democrats support the wall of separation between church and state provided by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. But not everyone else does.
An Interview With Sen-Rep GOP
By Bob Ciaffone
This humorous tongue-in-cheek article pretends to be an interview with a GOP congressman who presents his "solutions" to the problems of our state.