MARCH 2013

Lon Johnson is our new MDP Chair.

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Our Roots


In the spring of 2005, a group of Saginaw County Democratic Party members started meeting monthly, to begin to do some planning to get Democratic candidates in the 2006 election and wishing to get going on this well ahead of time. Late in the summer, the group decided that its goals could be achieved faster and easier by forming a Democratic club. Many of the group members were happy to support with this project and met a number of times during October and November to discuss the details of how to do this. On November 19, 2005, the Saginaw Area Democratic Club held their first organizational meeting. We can write with pride that "the rest is history."

The Michigan Democratic Party is very supportive of Democratic clubs. The following is stated in MDP printed material:
"Local Democratic Clubs are a well-established and valuable institution in Michigan, with many clubs dating to the 1950s or earlier. These clubs are an important part of their communities and perform a wide variety of valuable fraternal, civic, charitable, service, and political functions in their local communities. The State Central Committee of the Michigan Democratic Party strongly desires to encourage the growth of local clubs and to support and encourage their fraternal, civic, charitable, service, and political work, by granting charters to those local Democratic clubs which agree to meet certain criteria and to apply for a charter."
We are proud to be the first such club in our area.

The Club Bylaws, which are posted on this website, provide an idea of what we hope to do and how we hope to do it. As a QSLPO organization, Club funds will not be used to elect candidates to federal office. However, we can support federal candidates as individuals.

Most of our work occurs outside of our regular meetings, through the Executive Board and various committees, leaving some meeting time for such "essentials" as issues forums and socializing. We hope you will support our efforts by becoming a member, making a contribution of money or time, or at the very least, going to the polls and exercising your right to vote.